Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Everyone knows nothing is going to be agreed. Sadly none of the world leaders really care about saving the planet.It has become obvious that they are unable to put the planet before profit.We knew this all along really. Thousands of protesters will be attending to show that another world is possible and it appears it will only be achieved via direct action.Have compassion for our ignorant leaders.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Cooling now, the flame burns lower, flickers, dips, goes out.

Thursday, 16 April 2009


I joined the camp at Bishopsgate with my 75 year old father to protest peacefully against carbon trading in the city. 
As an environmentalist I wished to be part of a concerned group of citizens who want to 'save the planet' and stop unethical trading.
It was a wonderful experience...musicians,dance,workshops,bike repairs, a fully functioning kitchen and even a famers market!....FARMERS MARKETS NOT CARBON MARKETS.           
Unfortunately the camp was trashed by the  riot police later but while I was there it was UTOPIA.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


The G30 get together of worlds leaders. Geeing up the economic downs, gloom and doom. Boom and bust. Cut backs, inflation, deflation. Money makes the world go round. The world makes the money round but has it has rolled off the planet?
Have UFO's been and stolen the money? No it was identified spending objects. Spend spend, spend, greed, greed greed. Poor get poorer. Angrier and angrier. Equal distribution of wealth and a shared society for all. Less usage of earth,s diminishing materials and emphasis on preserving the world. We need a clean world fit for today and tomorrows world.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Animal Ball

being a great dancer I had an invite to the Animal Ball. I found my self dancing with the tarantula as it tangoed. I next danced with the octopus as it ocean tentacled in a woogie wave. At the same time the crab did the salsa in a side ways pincer movement. The monkey was swinging and stomping to jazz music. The crocodile was twisting and rolling to rock music. The dodo was doing the extinct two step. The hippo was hip hopping to hip hop music. The rat was rapping in a ratamataz style. The tuna fish were swimming in synchronization to a sea shanty tune. The sea horses were boogie bobbing when the mackerel were feeling the blues in the sea. The python was zig zaging to Ziggy Stardust music. The elephants were trunk waltzing in a stomp. The lammas were lamenting to a limbo. The frogs were leap frogging to a Frog Lake ballet. The chickens and penguins were doing a funky dance. The jelly fish were wobbling to mellow jazz. The Irish terrier was jigging to folk music. The turkey was jiving with a duck to Glen Miller's music.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Football Fools ( pools) Results

Kidneypond 2 frogs. Everlasting battery 1 volt.
Chester Zoo two by two. Peter Belly 1 button
Chelocean 1 fathom. Sunandsand 3 deck chairs
Lapton Villa Hotel 0 rooms. knights Castile 1000 soap suds
Heatburn 2 tanfasticks. West Pork 2 sausages
Women United 5 lipsticks. Women City 4 handbags.
Bottoms Up 3 cheers. Old Spam 2 sandwhiches
Celery Stick 3 stalks. Lone Rangers 2 kimo sabies
Chelsea Buns 5 currants. Totem Poles 4 whoops
Faint Hearts 12 sighs. Aberdean Angus 11 moos
Crystal glasses 7 clinks. Torn kecks 5 holes
Gretna Green 1 million marriages. Ross 12 fish fingers
Nottingham Forest 1 Robin Hoods. Boston Tea Party 5 kilos of tea
Alloa 3 hoola hoops. Cowthenbeef 3 corns
Stirling £ 400000000. Broke ( Stoke) 0
Rottenham 2 nose pegs. Notthisfield 0 grass
Wicklow 2 spots. Henhouse 2 speckled eggs
Buckingham Palace 10 corgis. Loch Ness 1 not spotted monster
Henhousemore 12 chicks. Uddersfield 5 cows
Landsend 15 English Channels. John O Groats 8 highland flings

A Fairer World For All

Today the price of living is beyond fairness. The cost of heating ones domain makes me boil over. The cost of using energy for eating makes me fast. The cost of being clean makes me unclean. The idea of keeping those fat cats in the height of luxury when the poor can't even afford to heat their own homes, food and wash is scandalous. Where have all the profits gone to explore cheaper, efficent energy.? Gone to subsidise the fat cats milking the poor.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

What A Beach

One sunny day i went to the beach. The sand fancying a sandwich began to swallow me up but got away i was like quick sand.
The water lapped at my feet good job i changed my socks. But the waves ebbing to and fro were waving in unison to the seasiders.
The seas gulls dropping doodlebugs on my head gave me an Afro hairdo. A crab put a bucket on my head and give me a quick short back and sides. A sandpiper with bagpipes played Gull of Kintyre. The cockles and mussels were cocky and muscled in on the deck chairs. The whales went to Rhyl in Wales for a thrill on the fair. I sat down on a deck chair it began to shuffle me looking for a full deck. An octopus with its tentacles at tenterhooks tangoed with me. Feeling seasick i jumped on driftwood and drifted off on the high tide.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Vegetable Fiasco

I went to a greengrocers. Cheap prices trolley good show. Before my very eyes some of the veg were eating a table. The yams were jamming with the jams. The toms were treading on a toe. The peas were I poding. The green beans being has beans were having a beano. The cuecumbers were playing snooker with their cues but cunbersome. The celery were stalking in cells. The cabbages cabbaged leafed around in bunches. The carrots were rotting in their cars. Onions had on neon peel appeal.
The potatoes were chasing their toes with a pot. The lettuce went religous saying "lettuce pray." The green onions kept playing the record green onions.
The leeks were spys leaking sensitive information to the red radical radishes.
The turnips turned up uninvited. The sprouts spread out and sprouted everywhere i got wind of this and exited stage left.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Kitchen Sink Drama

The pots i was washing went potty and saucy. They boiled my eye lashes and stewed my hair with ketchup. I looked at the colander it showed the date?
My friend looked at me and said " Wok's up." I finished up away with the food mixer. The pans caused pandamonium concocting recipes of disaster. The knifes and forks were always falling out back stabbing. The salt and pepper mills were assaulting and shaking me. I sneezed at this.
The cork screw was screwy. Food for thought I digested enough of this. I left the kitchen couldn't take any more and went for a takeaway.

True Grit?

Flakes of snow stopped the country from functioning again. With todays technology and early warning weather forecasts we still are caught by heavy falls of snow. The gritters are also caught out again. How about about a giant hot vapour machine with vacumn type tubes. That melts the snow on the roads and streets in an instant?

Friday, 30 January 2009

Garden of Weedin

I had a garden and one day the long grass needed cutting. I gave it a short back and sides and my fingers turned green. The compost corner was telling dirty jokes and threw dung at me.
Tried to trim the roses but it was the war of the roses they pricked me!! The raspberries gave me a raspberry when i went to pick them. The apples stalked me and gave me the pip in my eye. Not the apples of my eye. The spring onions sprung to life dancing bringing tears to my eyes. The potatoes going bad threw peel and eyed me up. The callous cauliflowers gave me the cauliwobbles. The pears ganged up on me in pairs going pear shaped. I pulled at the weeds they became weird shouting, " Weed, Weed." Bill and Ben came from the bottom of the garden. Time to wave bye bye.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Woke Up On The Right Side Of Bed

I woke up on the right side of the bed. I had a close shave as the razor sharpley attacked me. Also had a brush with my teeth.
I put the kettle on but it wouldn't fit. Poured a cup of P ( it tasted like it).
For breakfast i put on the TV and ate a bowl of the porridge programme. It tasted like Strangeways
My mobile alarm buzzed it had a bee in it. I flew out the door after sprouting wings to catch the bus. I arrived at the office, opened a file and did my nails. My boss called me into his office.
He remarked, "You've got up on the right side of the bed again, you've put your slippers on the wrong feet they're on mine."

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Collapse of Old Building on Park Road

I work as a volunteer at the Innovations Factory IT drop in Centre corner of Park Road and Park Street Dingle. It was on Tuesday that i was at home having my collapsed bay window ceiling plastered when the building on Park Road collapsed. I would have passed the building at roughly the same time as it fell onto the pathement and road on the way to the IT Centre.
Good job i was being plastered elsewhere.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Clothes Episode

My pants legged it and turned up at a place called The Pant in Welshpool.
My shirt shirked and became shirty. My shoes were a heal and with out soul they gave me the boot. My socks became odd and socked it to me. My jumper became jumped up and pulled the wool over my eyes. My briefs fell out with me and fell down. My pyjamas left for a party. My friend's skirt shirked and skirted off. Her sweater sweated profusely. My thermals caught fire and singed my....................... eye lashers of course. When i eventually found some of my clothes i put them on a clothes horse but it ran away to Ascot!!!

Be Aware of Pongy Neighbours

If your thinking of moving to the countryside there maybe something stirring in the wind. With nearby storage of waste materials, mucky, slurry dungy things may manifest. A pong in the wind may carry to your door from the nearby farms. You may have to call your home the Pongyrosa or Pongy Wind in the Willows. Poo, poo the idea to moving to rural parts?
This is todays stinky news phew.

Obama calling Obama calling

Obama is calling on London in April for the G20 special summit.
Will Obama's coming be in time to save the world?
Is the world ready for Obama?
Will he have enough time to solve the world's problems?
At least we have and at last we have an American president of substance.
Hail to the man of destiny carrying the world's burdens on his shoulders.

Exterminate Exterminate

Toxteth born Chief Dalek John Scott Martin has passed away and gone to the land of Daleks . ( hopefully not)
Chief Dalek for 110 episodes he enjoyed the part because his identity was hidden.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Vera's Poems

The following poems are by Vera Crossfield from Orrell Park Community Centre (to be read out by The Town Crier on the fifth Floor: Tate Liverpool)
We are a happy cheerful lot 'girls' of Orrell park
We meet each monday, ready for any lark,
We sit and talk, and laugh a lot, and put the world to wise
We listen tentatively to our speakers, that Margi organise
Our projects that we engaged in, of that there has been many.
Of outings in buses that sometimes don't cost us a penny.

With Helen and Lilian just ready to go
There is Stella and Eileen, Ann and Joan,
Vilma and Vera and we hardly ever moan
We are open house to one and all
Come and join us we have a ball

Mondays 1pm til 3pm
Orrell park Community Centre
Moss Lane


I have known pain
I have known sorrow
I have known loss
Of which there is no gain

These things will happen
Along your future life
As they did in mine
It is life's pattern

As your life will unfold
Build a good character
Live life to the full
In time like me you will be old

Go forth dear youth
Live, love and be ahppy
And before you can know it
You too will be long in the tooth!

By Carol Atkinson and Vera Crossfield

Once a thriving shipping port
Now more famous for its sport
Men grew rich through human trade
Slaves transported - fortunes made
Trading links brought untold wealth
Splendor bought with pain and stealth

As years ro9ll by and time oves on
Those trading links have long since gone
The docks fall into disarray
We learn the phrase urban decay,
As jobs are lost along wiht pride
Life seems bleak on Merseyside

But as sail through eighties gate
We hear the term regenerate
The Albert Dock restored inside
Houses built or gentrified
No longer desolate and forlorn
The City Centre is reborn

Now this city has new fame
The Capital of Culture name
A chance for growth and to create
Will culminate in year 08
The city's art is celebrated
Music, poets, actors, feted

But urban troubles still remain
The yobs that treat us with disdain
Graffitti, litter, theft with knives
Guns and violence blight our lives

Still Liverpool's spirit can't be broke
Nolonger always England's joke
The people full of fun and humour
Rise above the scorn and rumour
Always changing, vibrant and cool
The dynamic city of Liverpool!

Monday, 19 January 2009


The House of Snores (Lords sleeping). Sleeping fishermen Rip Van Winklers. School Govenors Sleepy heads. Sleeping nutters pillow cases. Loud mouths sleeping wind bags.
Bed lambs ( sheep counting sheep) Cat naps. zzzzzz meow zzzzz meow. Dirty old man fourty winks. Bags under the eyes ( Specsaver shopping bags.) Sleepless in Liverpool Calm eiderdown, Not a lorra kip. Slumber Jack sleeping tree feller. Goodnight bed room suite dreams.

Back Benchers, Front benchers?

Front benchers , back benchers. They sit and debate the same rhetoric. But if they sat on deck chairs debate seaside issues rising tides? Rocking horses gambling.? Armchairs arnaments.?
Couches potatoes.? Three piece sweets jelly babys, smarties, gob stoppers.? Stools pigeons.? Wicker chairs the environment.? Baby chairs growing up.? Rocking chairs old age. ?
Chair man and chair women. What about the chair children?

The Ice Age Goeth?

Glaciers disppearing. No more ice creams? Ice bound land masses melting. No ice for my tea? Rising sea levels must learn to swim and buy a good mop? Will there be a greener green land? Snow good worrying cuts no ice i already use less energy. I will move to South America where the sea levels are higher.

Safer World Give The Trident Missles a Miss?

We already have a vast amount of missles in the world that can destroy humankind 100 times over. The UK should be one of the first countries to disband them pave the way for others.
The billions spent on them should go towards creating and educating a far more peacful world without threats.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Bush Has Gone Cometh The Man

Bush has branched himself off. Many times he was the burning bush sprouting dead leaves.
He never twigged the real world or real problems. With his prickley rhetoric, a thorn in the side. Dead wood has drifted away. Obama is a charmer, not an alarmer. A man with a mission with vision a panorama. Not a two headed Lamma. He will bring real drama, karma. With a bit of Ghandi, John Lennon and the Dahli Lama.

Warning Storm Brewing and Not in a T-Cup

There is a storm coming next week not from the economic climate but from the weather forecast. Gales, heavy rain, blizzards, hurricane gusts of over 100mph. Keep dry, keep safe and keep warm. Wrap up well.

Life On Mars?

Is there Life on Earth? Have we lost the way to be less selfish more kind, respectful more humble. Love our planet, love our people, animals, nature and learn to love your self. Be more happy and content.There is only one life, one destiny, one you.


If you go to the 'Greenpeace' website http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/ you can join the 'AIRPLOT' project and become the benficiary of some land in the village of Sipson,north of Heathrow airport, which is where the 3rd runway is proposed to be built.

You can refuse to let Heathrow airport make a compulsory purchase of your land and therefore help save the planet from airplane emissions which are contributing to global warming and the destruction of our environment.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Year

Rocky, funky, jazzy new year. Appreciate all music.
Joggy new year keep fit and healthy.
Nappy new year bring up your children well with good nature and manners.
Chatty new year communicate with others in a happy and respectful way.
Ecology new year save energy and recycled stuff.
Dump the junk food new year eat more fruit and veg.
Drink less alcohol and life threatening substances new year.
Be kind to your neighbour new year

New Year Resolution

Time to end wars. Condemn the war mongers agressors. Help the worlds destitute, starving.
Save on energy burn less power use a bike instead of car. Help to save the environment by supporting green issues. Be good to one another instead of arguing, fighting learn to love and laugh more. Watch less violent movies watch more comedy fun filled films/shows. Instead of turning to crime value, love your fellow beings we only live here on once in a short space of time.
Visit culture and history more. Learn more about yourself, where you live
and about other cultures. Visit cathedrals, churches lite a candles for peace, love, harmony.
Be courteous, helpful, kind, humble. Dont think of material things or money be less selffish. Eat less fatty foods and more healthier stuff.
Be positive good things will come when you have good karma.