Friday, 30 January 2009

Garden of Weedin

I had a garden and one day the long grass needed cutting. I gave it a short back and sides and my fingers turned green. The compost corner was telling dirty jokes and threw dung at me.
Tried to trim the roses but it was the war of the roses they pricked me!! The raspberries gave me a raspberry when i went to pick them. The apples stalked me and gave me the pip in my eye. Not the apples of my eye. The spring onions sprung to life dancing bringing tears to my eyes. The potatoes going bad threw peel and eyed me up. The callous cauliflowers gave me the cauliwobbles. The pears ganged up on me in pairs going pear shaped. I pulled at the weeds they became weird shouting, " Weed, Weed." Bill and Ben came from the bottom of the garden. Time to wave bye bye.

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