Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Animal Ball

being a great dancer I had an invite to the Animal Ball. I found my self dancing with the tarantula as it tangoed. I next danced with the octopus as it ocean tentacled in a woogie wave. At the same time the crab did the salsa in a side ways pincer movement. The monkey was swinging and stomping to jazz music. The crocodile was twisting and rolling to rock music. The dodo was doing the extinct two step. The hippo was hip hopping to hip hop music. The rat was rapping in a ratamataz style. The tuna fish were swimming in synchronization to a sea shanty tune. The sea horses were boogie bobbing when the mackerel were feeling the blues in the sea. The python was zig zaging to Ziggy Stardust music. The elephants were trunk waltzing in a stomp. The lammas were lamenting to a limbo. The frogs were leap frogging to a Frog Lake ballet. The chickens and penguins were doing a funky dance. The jelly fish were wobbling to mellow jazz. The Irish terrier was jigging to folk music. The turkey was jiving with a duck to Glen Miller's music.

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