Thursday, 22 January 2009

Vera's Poems

The following poems are by Vera Crossfield from Orrell Park Community Centre (to be read out by The Town Crier on the fifth Floor: Tate Liverpool)
We are a happy cheerful lot 'girls' of Orrell park
We meet each monday, ready for any lark,
We sit and talk, and laugh a lot, and put the world to wise
We listen tentatively to our speakers, that Margi organise
Our projects that we engaged in, of that there has been many.
Of outings in buses that sometimes don't cost us a penny.

With Helen and Lilian just ready to go
There is Stella and Eileen, Ann and Joan,
Vilma and Vera and we hardly ever moan
We are open house to one and all
Come and join us we have a ball

Mondays 1pm til 3pm
Orrell park Community Centre
Moss Lane


I have known pain
I have known sorrow
I have known loss
Of which there is no gain

These things will happen
Along your future life
As they did in mine
It is life's pattern

As your life will unfold
Build a good character
Live life to the full
In time like me you will be old

Go forth dear youth
Live, love and be ahppy
And before you can know it
You too will be long in the tooth!

By Carol Atkinson and Vera Crossfield

Once a thriving shipping port
Now more famous for its sport
Men grew rich through human trade
Slaves transported - fortunes made
Trading links brought untold wealth
Splendor bought with pain and stealth

As years ro9ll by and time oves on
Those trading links have long since gone
The docks fall into disarray
We learn the phrase urban decay,
As jobs are lost along wiht pride
Life seems bleak on Merseyside

But as sail through eighties gate
We hear the term regenerate
The Albert Dock restored inside
Houses built or gentrified
No longer desolate and forlorn
The City Centre is reborn

Now this city has new fame
The Capital of Culture name
A chance for growth and to create
Will culminate in year 08
The city's art is celebrated
Music, poets, actors, feted

But urban troubles still remain
The yobs that treat us with disdain
Graffitti, litter, theft with knives
Guns and violence blight our lives

Still Liverpool's spirit can't be broke
Nolonger always England's joke
The people full of fun and humour
Rise above the scorn and rumour
Always changing, vibrant and cool
The dynamic city of Liverpool!

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