Tuesday, 10 February 2009

What A Beach

One sunny day i went to the beach. The sand fancying a sandwich began to swallow me up but got away i was like quick sand.
The water lapped at my feet good job i changed my socks. But the waves ebbing to and fro were waving in unison to the seasiders.
The seas gulls dropping doodlebugs on my head gave me an Afro hairdo. A crab put a bucket on my head and give me a quick short back and sides. A sandpiper with bagpipes played Gull of Kintyre. The cockles and mussels were cocky and muscled in on the deck chairs. The whales went to Rhyl in Wales for a thrill on the fair. I sat down on a deck chair it began to shuffle me looking for a full deck. An octopus with its tentacles at tenterhooks tangoed with me. Feeling seasick i jumped on driftwood and drifted off on the high tide.

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