Monday, 9 February 2009

Vegetable Fiasco

I went to a greengrocers. Cheap prices trolley good show. Before my very eyes some of the veg were eating a table. The yams were jamming with the jams. The toms were treading on a toe. The peas were I poding. The green beans being has beans were having a beano. The cuecumbers were playing snooker with their cues but cunbersome. The celery were stalking in cells. The cabbages cabbaged leafed around in bunches. The carrots were rotting in their cars. Onions had on neon peel appeal.
The potatoes were chasing their toes with a pot. The lettuce went religous saying "lettuce pray." The green onions kept playing the record green onions.
The leeks were spys leaking sensitive information to the red radical radishes.
The turnips turned up uninvited. The sprouts spread out and sprouted everywhere i got wind of this and exited stage left.

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