Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Year Resolution

Time to end wars. Condemn the war mongers agressors. Help the worlds destitute, starving.
Save on energy burn less power use a bike instead of car. Help to save the environment by supporting green issues. Be good to one another instead of arguing, fighting learn to love and laugh more. Watch less violent movies watch more comedy fun filled films/shows. Instead of turning to crime value, love your fellow beings we only live here on once in a short space of time.
Visit culture and history more. Learn more about yourself, where you live
and about other cultures. Visit cathedrals, churches lite a candles for peace, love, harmony.
Be courteous, helpful, kind, humble. Dont think of material things or money be less selffish. Eat less fatty foods and more healthier stuff.
Be positive good things will come when you have good karma.

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