Thursday, 27 November 2008

Tesco Superstore

A Tesco Superstore on Park Road is planned to begin building next May on the site of the Post Office and car park. Will bring jobs and a wider range of products but will it effect the shops/businesses around the area?

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Paul Mcartney and Drugs

Paul Mcartney in an interview with the Sunday Times magazine says, "John Lennon helped to influence a generation onto hard drugs. Lots of people started on heroin because John did, not knowing of the dangers of over indulgence. Now the problems with the more damgerous cannabis usage have escalated."

John Lennon Absolved by Pope

John Lennon's claim about the Beatles being bigger than Jesus has been absolved by the Pope.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Recession bite

Recession deepening? Will do some of us good to lighten out belts with leaner times coming. Eat less we waste a lot of foods already. A revert back to austerity means using less resources/materials to lessen climate change?

Reports of Water Crisis

There are reports in the media of a water crisis before the end of the century. Asia it is reported would be the most vuneralble because of draughts and storms. With the ice flows melting causing rising sea levels. Surely there must be away of containing/lifting the melting ice into tankers and shipping the water to the countries effected by draught? Also the UK has enough rainfall to water the effected countries?

Dingle Community Theatre's Diversity Arts Week

There are plays at Liverpool venues from November 24th performed and organised by Dingle Community Theartre. The diverse event focuses on prejudice,that plays on age, stereotypes. Also one on black people in the armed forces and auxilary forces during World War Two, that also incorporates drum and dance workshops in Toxteth schools. ( original message from the Liverpool Echo Nov 18 2008)

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Three Large Cranes Destroyed on the Mersey

Three massive cranes sited across the Mersy for 22 years have been demolished by contractors on Sunday 16th. Paving the way for a new leisure development creating 4000 jobs and clearer views of the Wirral . (Original news item on BBC News Channel)

Cammell Lairds No Longer Got the Hump Orders Have Jumped

Formed in 1824 and closed in 2001 Cammell Lairds is ship shape again. It 's order book has jumped with £90m worth of military and commercial orders. ( original story from BBC News Channel)

Monday, 17 November 2008

Utopia now?

A Utopia comprised of total sharing of everything needed for existence through a none monetoried system. No greed. class, leaders, everyone takes part in creation of Utopia. No wars, no weopons of war only of peace. No crime no need of police. No alcohol, drugs or tobacco. No barrers to border crossings Non polluting vehicles driven from ESP made of synthetic foam only travel at 30klm. Travelling pathments. Vegan only society. No need of hospitals Non violent TV. Green houses with non emissions materials. Emphasis on more caring loving, harmonous, innovative and inventive society.

artist giving approx £1m worth of paintings away

As art market reaches rock bottom urban artist will leave his artwork worth estimated £1m around london starting at dawn Friday. Article by Rachel Sheilds 9 th November. (Read details in Independent Newspaper)

Barack Obama Saviour or Pawn?

Will Barack Obama's proposals be implemented to change the world's order?

Thursday, 13 November 2008


Riverside Drive has collapsed alongside the Garden Festival Site in Aigburth.
A nine foot deep hole about ten foot across has appeared which the council reckon will take six weeks to repair.

I went to visit it last night and the area is now a ghost town with all traffic unable to access the area apart from local residents.Police have cordoned off the site while investigations begin.

There is also a giant hole which has appeared in Priory wood next to Riverside Drive.Police tape and a barrier are closing it off to the public.

The Garden Festival Site is on a former landfill site so subsidence could be the cause or maybe a sewage pipe collapse.Let's hope no nasty toxic substances are being released into the environment.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Day I Felt Good

I went flying a kite last week but we couldn't get it up because there was no wind. In our reading group we read a poem about flying a kite but none of us had ever done it. We loved the poem so much that we all wanted to try. Me and Ann went up the hill and ran down but we couldn't get it to fly. But we took some photos and had a laugh and it was a really uplifting day. Even though there was no wind, it was a breath of fresh air within me. Waiting for the wind to arrive to play out again. Old but feel so young. Give it a try.

Lynda Benson

Oyez Oyez

Private Landlords beware
if your house is not in repair
cause your arse will be steaming.

Oyez Oyez

Find Homes for the Homeless

soft girl's at it again

I was about six and I was with my sister and her friend and her sister at the Mons pub. They dressed me up as a guy with a mask on my face and sat me in a trolley so we could do penny for the guy. Then these kids came and said give us your money and they said no, so they said give us your money or we'll throw the guy on the fire. They might've too, but you've never seen a guy get up and run so fast as I did then!

Then another time when I was about eight they tied me up like a parcel and put me on Mrs Dodds' step and knocked and ran away. She was a nurse and dead strict. We were all scared of her. We wouldn't even play by her door. I was really scared but when she opened the door she was really nice and undone me all and sent me on my way. Ah, she moved to Australia. I think I partly wanted to do it, to be in with the fun, you know. You know, they knew I was up for anything, they used to say, go on Maureen, you do it, and me, soft girl, I always did.


A View of Liverpool

We have the Tate Art Gallery and of course there is the Walker too.
We have Everton and Liverpool football teams, two for the price of one.
There are numerous places to see a show or a play, and then for shopping there is Liverpool One
And where else, but Liverpool's number one!

Sheila Jones

Bonfire Night

We were looking forward to bonfire night as we were collecting wood and things. We said we ought to get some fireworks so we went to the shop to get some. Then on the way back my brother put fireworks and matches in his pocket. The next thing I knew my brother was screaming and I saw the fire was on his back. I took my coat off and put the fire out. Then we were at the hospital and I asked the nurse to phone my Mum and Dad and we spent the whole day at the hospital. My brother still has the scars today. So we don't like bonfire night any more. We stay away from fireworks. But I still like to watch them at a safe distance. I still remember the poem: Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot. There was a group of men and they were trying to blow up the houses of parliament but they got caught and the leader was called Guy Fawkes. That is why we put a guy on the fire.


I have made a garden or Armageddon

Yesterday the European leaders were following London Town,
I had thought this is good, an opportunity to reform worldwide,
Today it's not good, the world's position is still going down,
Today it seems the banks, the rich, are fighting back, so my ambition's put aside.
The opportunity to feed the poor, to educate every child, should not be lost.
This battle is on, different indeed, will it now fulfil Jesus' cost.

Olwen Jones

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Recipe for Artistic Appetities:
Oxo Cubism
Fartism Food
Michael Angelocake
Pickeled Asso
Vincent Vanilla Gogh Wafers