Thursday, 4 December 2008


I had an unfortunate experience last night as I cycled into town in the icy weather.I had a vital trip to make so had to brave the icy 'arctic style' conditions.

Previously in the afternoon , whilst cycling in the icy road  on  Sandringham Drive, I had skidded and nearly collided with a van that was skidding in the ice too so I decided it was the most sensible thing in the evening to cycle slowly on the pavement to avoid a nasty accident.

Two community police officers stopped me on Princes Road at 6.42pm  and interrogated me as to why I was committing a crime by cycling on the pavement.I told them that I was trying to  stay safe and avoid a terrible accident on the icy road.

They made  me fill in a stop (and search) form although I knew my legal rights and did not give my full name and address.
I told them I was not happy about this treatment and that I was  going to demand proper cycle lanes so that I don't have to take my life into my hands every time I ride my bike.
I felt I was doing the right thing.Look out in the future  for details of a petition to sign online for better treatment for cyclists.

2009 is Liverpool City Council's year of the environment so it's a good time to sort this out.

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