Wednesday, 12 November 2008

soft girl's at it again

I was about six and I was with my sister and her friend and her sister at the Mons pub. They dressed me up as a guy with a mask on my face and sat me in a trolley so we could do penny for the guy. Then these kids came and said give us your money and they said no, so they said give us your money or we'll throw the guy on the fire. They might've too, but you've never seen a guy get up and run so fast as I did then!

Then another time when I was about eight they tied me up like a parcel and put me on Mrs Dodds' step and knocked and ran away. She was a nurse and dead strict. We were all scared of her. We wouldn't even play by her door. I was really scared but when she opened the door she was really nice and undone me all and sent me on my way. Ah, she moved to Australia. I think I partly wanted to do it, to be in with the fun, you know. You know, they knew I was up for anything, they used to say, go on Maureen, you do it, and me, soft girl, I always did.


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